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Every person has their own personal style and beauty. Let us help you put your best face forward. We specialize in marketing your style and talent for lighting up the cameras. Can you see yourself in the newest trends and outfits? Catalogs, magazines, print ads, photo shoots? Dreaming of going from selfies to supermodel?

 How about walking the runway? If you want to build your portfolio or already have one ready to go, why not share it with the world!

Strike your pose!
Be unique. Be beautiful. Get Noticed.
Newton Agency
Dominate your beauty

Harness it. Own it. They say beauty is only skin deep but, we here at The Newton Agency know that REAL beauty is on the inside. The kind you exude with one perfect glance and the killer shot.

Sixty shades of style

Can you set the camera on fire? Want to learn how? Maybe you want to project your joy to the world with a million dollar smile. From local advertisement print and sale ads to billboards and runways... let us help you get there.

Newton Agency
We’ve loved every minute of our journey
Newton Agency
A star is born

Have a beautiful baby? Oh who are we kidding ??! They're ALL beautiful. So why not give us a call and see where their cuteness can take them?

Let them shine

Help your kids start planning for their future, building their portfolio, and get noticed by building their brand. All while having fun and gaining confidence!

Newton Agency
Newton Agency
Family Fun

Why not share the experience and have fun with the whole family. Photographers and designers are always looking for models and actors of any age, race, sex, height, and experience. Why not you?

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