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On The Fast Track

The Newton Agency LLC is a Talent Agency based out of the beautiful sunshine state of Florida.  Our Goal is to help guide and support performers, models, athletes, and artists on their road to realizing their dreams, building their future and growing their unique brand. It was founded by CEO Christopher T. Newton, who has used his seasoned years, experience, compassion, and first hand, inside knowledge to raise TNA from the ground up to create a company unlike any other before. With a groundbreaking "professional support network" strategy and "family first" philosophy,

The Newton Agency surpasses all others with its hands-on, personal service.


Licensed and bonded for both Artists and Athletes.

Our Services

What Makes Us Different?

From Start to Future

Not only do we represent professionals who have been in the business for years, we also guide newcomers on how to grow and succeed in the big leagues.

Like Being Behind The Scenes?

We don't just represent and support the stars in front of the public eyes...we also specialize in representation of the 'behind the scenes' stars too! Professionals such as writers, directors, and producers, just to name a few.

90 Days To Get PAID??!!

One of our most unique and fundamental policies we pride ourselves in, is the 'no middle-man/we get paid=you get paid' business model. Tired of an agency holding onto your money? Good! We were too!


REAL Experience really MATTERS!!

We aren't the typical fly-by-night or

 "BiG BoSs" type of company. Our management professionals are just that=

Industry professionals with combined years of personal on screen and behind the screen REAL LIFE experience. We know what it takes because we've been there ourselves!


Where We Are Located
We are conveniently located right off of I-75 and 
Fletcher Avenue-Tampa Florida

Christopher Newton
Owner/Founder & CEO


UT Marketing Major & Former Georgia USTA champion, Christopher Newton is a long time actor, writer, and producer. He has the deep, inside knowledge of both in front and behind the scenes work. He's performed in over 2,700 theatrical shows before more than 2 million fans and audience members. He's had over eight movie roles, six television roles, twelve television commercials and numerous photo ad and modeling shoots. He has written and produced his own TV pilot, which was a hilarious family friendly comedy series. 

He's worked his way up the ranks being blue collar, white collar and no collar! He has coached in the BCI league,  was the Assistant GM for the Savannah Rug Ratz EISL soccer league, owned two car dealerships and is a former GM for Cadillac-Lexus-Toyota. 

In addition to a license and bonded SAG/AFTRA franchised talent agent, Mr. Newton is a FIFA intermediary  for professional soccer players, as well as a WGA Signatory who represents up and coming screen writers who wish to shop their writings in Hollywood!

Fun, frank, compassionate and darn right determined..need we say more?


Tampa Fl 33647


Office 1(912)695-2277

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