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A creative mind who is driven and easy to get along with. Loves the creative side of the business. Can easily perform stunts and deliver dialogue. Fun Fact! He has an awards winner children book

Size Card

Hair Color
Hair Length
6 Ft 0 In
186 Lbs

Special Skills

Acting Styles - Improvisation (General) Improvisation (Long Form) Improvisation (Short Form) Sketch Stand-up Stanislavski
Band Styles - Alternative Big Band Country Hip-Hop Jazz Metal New Wave Other Punk Rap Rock Rockabilly Wedding
Circus Skills - Fire Juggling Juggling
Sports - Combat Sports - Boxing Wrestling (General)
Cycling - BMX Cycling (General) Downhill Biking Half Pipe/Vert Wall Jumping Mountain Biking Road Biking Trials Riding
Equestrian Sports - Bare Back English Riding Horse Jumping Horseback Riding (General) Rodeo Western
Extreme Sports - Hang Gliding Inline Skating (General) Skateboarding (Street) Sky Diving Supercross
Gym Sports - Body Building Jogging Weight Lifting
Gymnastic Sports - Cheerleading Trampoline
Martial Arts - Hand-to-Hand
Outdoor Sports - Archery Fishing Fly-Fishing Golfing Hiking Mountain Climbing Rappelling Rock Climbing Skeet Shooting
Racquet Sports - Racquetball Tennis
Recreational Sports - Bowling Frisbee Hacky Sack Jump Rope (General) Pogo Stick Razor Scooter Roller Skating
Table Sports - Table Tennis/Ping Pong
Team Sports - American Football Baseball Basketball Dodge Ball Handball Ice Hockey Lacrosse Roller Hockey Rugby (League) Soccer Softball Volleyball
Track and Field - Broad Jump High Jump Hurdle Long Jump Running Sprinting Track (General)
Water Sports - Body Surfing Diving Scuba Diving Snorkeling Surfing Swimming (Back Stroke) Swimming (Breast Stroke) Swimming (Butterfly) Swimming (Freestyle) Swimming (General) Swimming (Synchronized) Water Skiing Windsurfing
Winter Sports - Ice Skating Ski Jumping Snow Skiing Snowboarding
Dance - Hip Hop Line Modern Square
Dialects - American (Southern) American New York (Bronx/Brooklyn/Queens) Armenian Australian British Canadian Irish Russian Scottish
Driving, Boating & Piloting - 4WD ATV Boat (General) Canoeing Dune Buggy Jet Skiing Kayaking Motorcycle (Dirt Bike) Motorcycle (Road) Road Driving Semi-Truck Snowmobile Stick Shift Track Driving
Hobbies - Carpentry Cooking Gaming (Video/Computer)
Jobs - Bartender Chef Comedian Disc Jockey Stripper
Military - Other R.O.T.C.
Performance Skills - Ear Prompting Hostin Impersonations/Impressions Stand-In Teleprompter Yo-Yo
Rodeo - Barrel Racing
Singing Styles - Country R&B Rap Singing (General)
Stunts - Break Falls Breakaways Building Falls Car Hits Full Fire Burns Horse Falls Pratfalls Precision Driving Stage Combat
Weapons & Firearms - Automatic Weapon Bo Staff Cross Bow Handgun Rifle Shotgun Swords Throwing Knives Throwing Stars

Blue Pattern




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