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SAG-AFTRA Eligible

Gender (to play):



LJ Ugarte is an American Actor, Singer, Songwriter, Producer, and Multi-Award Winning, filmmaker. born January 6th, 1981 in Brooklyn, New York.

Size Card

Hair Color
Hair Length
5 Ft 10 In
150 Lbs

Special Skills

Acting Styles - Improvisation (General) Improvisation (Short Form) Sketch
Band Styles - Blues Hip-Hop Latin Pop Rap Reggae Rock
Sports - Combat Sports - Boxing Kickboxing
Cycling - BMX Cycling (General) Flatland/Freestyle Mountain Biking Road Biking
Equestrian Sports - Bare Back Horse Jumping Rope
Extreme Sports - Hang Gliding Inline Skating (General)
Gym Sports - Aerobics Jogging Weight Lifting Yoga
Gymnastic Sports - Cheerleading
Outdoor Sports - Archery Fishing Golfing Hiking Rock Climbing
Racquet Sports - Racquetball Tennis
Recreational Sports - Bowling Frisbee Hula Hoop Jump Rope (General)
Table Sports - Table Tennis/Ping Pong
Team Sports - American Football Baseball Basketball Ice Hockey Softball Volleyball
Track and Field - Distance Running High Jump Running Track (General)
Water Sports - Body Surfing Diving Swimming (Back Stroke) Swimming (Breast Stroke) Swimming (Freestyle) Swimming (General) Water Polo Windsurfing
Winter Sports - Ice Skating Snow Skiing
Dance - Ballet Club/Freestyle Disco Hip Hop Modern Salsa Samba Tango Tap
Dialects - American New York (Bronx/Brooklyn/Queens) British Puerto Rican
Driving, Boating & Piloting - Boat (General) Jet Skiing Sailing
Hobbies - Carpentry Gaming (Video/Computer)
Jobs - Comedian
Languages - American Sign Language Spanish
Military - Army Navy
Performance Skills - Hosting Puppetry Teleprompter Yo-Yo
Singing Styles - Jazz Musical Theatre Pop R&B Rap Singing (General)
Vocal Range - Soprano Tenor
Weapons & Firearms -Handgun

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